If you ask the executives who lie awake at night worrying about the tens of thousands of IT assets under their supervision, they’ll explain it with one word: “Help!”
Today’s IT decision-makers are starving for the information, insight, and command-and-control that a true Data Center Infrastructure Management solution offers.
They need to be able to see, understand, manage, and optimize the myriad of complex interrelationships that drive the modern data center – one of the most complex entities on earth. They need holistic information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure, information that is instantly meaningful and actionable
We come in handy to help decision-makers:

  • Locate, visualize, and manage all of their physical assets within an integrated “single pane” view of the entire infrastructure
  • Automate the commissioning of new equipment, reducing the need for error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks like walking the floor to confirm what can go where
  • Automate capacity planning with unparalleled forecasting capabilities, including the use of “what if” scenarios
  • Reduce energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon footprint – save the planet while you’re saving potentially millions
  • Align IT to the needs of the business – and maintain that alignment, no matter how radically those business requirements may change and grow

But not all vendors are created equal. IT decision-makers must make a careful evaluation of today’s vendors, products, and promises. This is why we pride of being among the best as a one stop shop for all energy and technology solutions.
Our main areas of concentration include (but not limited to):
Energy management. Reducing energy consumption and costs
Optimizing the utilization of assets throughout their lifecycles, from acquisition to decommissioning.
Proactively identifying the impact of failures and maintenance outages on data center service levels.
Establishing controls and records-keeping to meet regulatory requirements
Improving coordination of equipment delivery and disposal, resolving bottlenecks that can increase operating costs.
Automating the planning and execution of infrastructure service requests, eliminating manual steps and speeding time-to-delivery.
Two T. Technologies delivers clients with a competitive advantage through the design and implementation of flexible and reliable Data Centre Solutions applied to commercial; manufacturing and data centre, server and communications room environments.
Two T. Technologies has exceptional levels of expertise in the planning, installation and renovation of server room raised floors within data centre and communications room environments.
We are uniquely positioned to provide Data Centre and Server Room structured cabling solutions & services. We provide superior performing, end to end cabling solutions to meet your present day and future Data Centre needs. We design scalable Data Centre cabling infrastructure to support future growth and potentially new technologies, providing Data Centre Performance, Density and Manageability … Without compromise.

Fueled by e-commerce and the IP world we live in today; the Data Centre has become the most critical asset. It is truly the operations center of your business: housing mission-critical applications, equipment and systems you need to enable every transaction, communication and task.
Two T. Technologies offers a wide range of data center cooling technology to support a variety of applications and environments. Our design team will select the most appropriate technology to suit individual customer applications in order to deliver optimal data center performance.